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Positive, Optimistic, Energetic, Creative, Personable, Professional

Hi! My name is Olga Dziemidowicz 

The Artist behind the Wedding Day Painter.

As your own, personal portrait painter I will capture the atmosphere of the day painted in my signature art style, all while engaging your guests as they see the wedding painting come to life.

Get in touch and let's create these lasting memories for you, together!

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Wedding Day Painter Olga standing with a live wedding painting in a wedding venue

"She is so friendly and great at what she does! Our guests absolutely loved it. "

Live painting requires an artist that is quick and comfortable with an audience watching. It requires a keen eye, the ability to capture the moment as it happens, and a lot of flexibility to manage a, sometimes chaotic, wedding environment.  Luckily, I'm here for you.


Colours of Hope Olga Dziemidowicz.jpeg

From a young age, I was immersed in painting, art books and classes. Art is where I feel most at home, most in flow, most happy.

I started my career in architecture and later corporate innovation, but then I found a way to use my passion for painting to help people capture beautiful moments and places in their lives.


I became a full-time artist when the pull to art was too strong to resist. I love to create impressionistic and dynamic works that capture the vibe and energy of the scene. 

Experienced live wedding & event painter

Since 2020, I’ve been working with couples on capturing their special day. I know, that every couple is different, so I do my best to capture what's unique about each wedding. 


I'm grateful that I can use my skills and talent to create unique pieces for others. I'd love to create something for you too. 

olga the wedding day painter.jpg

"My experience working with her for our wedding day painting was nothing short of marvelous." 

Ethan - groom

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